LYS School Offerings & Curriculum

LYS School Offerings & Curriculum


LYS School is approved by the State of Illinois to provide licensure courses for Hair Braiders and Hair Braiding Teachers. LYS School prides itself in guiding students through the licensure process including, but not limited to, enough training and practice, application submission and internships. We also offer a flexible class schedule based on your needs and prior commitments.

Continuing Education & License Renewals

LYS School has Continuing Education Sponsors on site for the mandatory continuing education requirement for basic and teacher Barbers, Estheticians, Nail Technicians, Cosmetologists, and Hair Braiders licenses. LYS School also provides license renewals. We can even come to you! Ask about our traveling teachers. They can travel to your place of business or home to conduct continuing education courses or license renewals.

Professional Development Day

LYS School organizes a professional development day once a year. This event allows the community to come together for a learning experience with food, drinks, music and dancing. This event can count as an alternative method to earn continuing education credits towards your license renewal.


LYS School presents a space for certified consultants and approved trainees to provide Sisterlocks™ installs and retightening services. We also have coaches available for Sisterlocks™ trainees.

Supervised Braiding, Weaving, and Locs Clinics/ Apprentice & Tutoring Center

LYS School offers an environment that inspires confidence and skill growth for those looking to practice their hair braiding craft. We have professional hair braiders available in assisting you developing and refining your hair braiding techniques. We offer one on one tutoring and group tutoring at an hourly rate. We also have a “learn by experience” program that is at no cost.

Space & Booth Rentals

LYS School encourages individuals who are seeking a location to run a clinic, a program, braid clients or looking for a space to meet clients to contact us.

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