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Can I see a head Doctor or dermatologist at the Hair Clinic?

There aren't medical workers at the Hair clinic. However, we offer consultation to assess your hair needs as well as referrals to Dermatologist if needed.

How much would box braids cost me at the Hair Clinic?

We offer box braids services for as low as $80. The price depends on the length wanted.

Are you accepting only Female clients?

At the Hair Clinic, all genre is welcome and all the services are available for them.

Do you offer locs services?

Yes! We offer traditional locs, microlocs, sister-locs and wicks. All locs include styling and a free hair wash.

How can I take my appointment?

You can call us at 773-912-4010, follow the link on our Clinic page, fill out the Contact Us form or email us at [email protected].

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

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