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Do you want to change career or make a lasting impact on the world of braiding? Check out our programs and ENROLL NOW at LYS School of Braiding, Weaving & Locs!

At least 200 hours will be spent on practical. You will have the opportunity to practice on clients, not just mannequins.  We spend a lot of time teaching you skills and techniques required of a natural hair stylist.

Natural Hair Care Licensure Course

If you are looking to start your career, open your own business, or go "legit". LYS School is approved by the State of Illinois to provide licensure courses for Hair Braiders. The Hair Braiders License covers all-natural hair care!

Join more than 150 students who graduated and have received their license after joining our program.

The teacher program includes a minimum of 600 clock hours of instruction. 
An approved program for a "500-hour Teacher Training Course" based on 2 years of practical experience as a hair braider is available and consists of the same teacher training curriculum with the exception of the 100 hours of post-graduate training.

Natural Hair Care Teacher Licensure Course

LYS School is dedicated to preparing student instructors for the Natural Hair Care and Braiding teaching profession. This is achieved through the practical, theoretical, and psychological application of foundational knowledge and skills.

LYS School also provides Domestic Violence credits.

License Renewals/Continued Education/Domestic Violence course

Any profession necessitating licensure from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) mandates Continuing Education (CE) in the respective discipline. It is crucial to emphasize that Continuing Education is not a suggestion but a mandatory requirement for the majority of licensed professionals in Illinois. This commitment to ongoing education provides workers with opportunities to acquire new skills and propel their careers forward.

Graduation Celebration

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