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Natural Hair Care Licensure Course

If you are looking to start your career, open your own business, or go "legit". LYS School is approved by the State of Illinois to provide licensure courses for Hair Braiders. The Hair Braiders License covers all natural hair care!

The Natural Hair Care course will teach you crucial knowledge and skills such as salon management, salesmanship, client consultation, sanitation, and disorders and diseases of the hair and scalp.

We will teach students the following style types: Single Braids with and without extensions, Cornrows with and without extensions, twists and knots, multiple strands, hair locking and weaving/sew-ins.

We will not be teaching you things like how to chemically color hair, chemically straighten hair, permanent wave styles, chemically bleach growing human hair, or how to cut growing human hair. These are things you might learn at a cosmetology school!

LYS School understands that you may have other life commitments, so we offer a flexible schedule.

You pick your "shifts" for class. Keep in mind that you need at least 300 hours to graduate so the more shifts you pick up, the quicker you graduate and can Launch Your Success!

During the week we offer a:

morning session (8am-11am)
afternoon session (12pm - 3pm)
evening session (4:30pm - 7pm)

We also have a weekend classes available.

You can attend any and all of the available sessions. We offer an easy online platform tied to your school email to view and manage your school schedule. This platform also allows you clock-in and out.

Total tuition cost is $2,100. $300 is due when you enroll and goes towards the cost of tuition.
The $300 covers your application, registration, and technology fee.

LYS offers flexible payment plans for all our students.

Why choose LYS?

It's in our name! LYS stands for Launching Your Success and that's our main goal. We want to help you achieve your goals by providing a safe space to learn, practice and refine your skills.

If you're ready to enroll click the link below to sign up for an enrollment appointment. We can enroll you online or in person.

If you're not ready that's okay too! You can also sign up for a free in-person or virtual open house.

Session Dates

Open enrollment: students can start/enroll at anytime!

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