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Yolande Sanvi, owner of LYS School of Braiding, Weaving & Locs.

Meet Yolande, the founder of LYS School of Braiding, Weaving & Locs, a private educational institution located in Chicago. Yolande's journey from Togo-Benin, West Africa, to the United States is marked by tenacity, adaptability, and a commitment to creating a better life. Yolande initially pursued a degree in software engineering in France but faced challenges securing a job in her field upon arriving in the US, compounded by the added struggle of being an immigrant and a woman. Her life took a turn when she became a mother, prompting her to shift careers and seek stable employment that would support her family.

Recognizing the need for flexibility in her career, Yolande underwent training as a Hair Braider, Cosmetologist, Hair Braider Teacher and Cosmetologist Teacher, eventually establishing a successful studio, over more than 20 years, that provided financial security for her family. After a decade in the business, she felt a calling to give back to the community. Witnessing the limitations of traditional academic programs, Yolande founded LYS School, with a mission to give individuals the tools, mentoring, experience, and knowledge in braiding to Launch Your Success.

At LYS School, we go beyond traditional hair braiding education. We also have certified Sisterlocks professionals and trainees specializing in Sisterlocks, microlocs, and locs. Our comprehensive approach ensures that students receive a well-rounded education, preparing them for diverse opportunities in the field.

For over 10 years, our institution has been a platform for hundreds of students, allowing them to pursue career changes while managing family and work responsibilities. Yolande's practical approach to life and resilience in the face of challenges have shaped the ethos of LYS School. Join us now for an opportunity to transform your professional life in a supportive and accommodating environment, where we are dedicated to helping you Launch Your Success.

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