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License Renewal

Which type of License you can help me to renew?

We can help you with the "Basic" licenses:
- Cosmetology license
- Hair braider license
- Nail technician license
- Esthetician License

And also with the "Teacher" licenses:
- Cosmetology teacher license
- Cosmetology clinic teacher license
- Hair braider license
- Nail technician license
- Esthetician License

Do I need the Domestic Violence/ Sexual Assault CEU to renew my license?

On January 1st 2019, a new law went into effect in the State of Illinois. It requires that all cosmetologists, cosmetology teachers, estheticians, esthetic teachers, hair braiders, hair braiding teachers, nail technicians, and nail technology teachers complete a one-hour, one-time Continuing Education (CE) course on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault in order to renew their license.

LYS is approved by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation to teach this class.

Can I take only the Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault class?

Absolutely! We offer this service for those who need just this CE to validate their program and for those who are 1st time offenders.

How long is the class of Domestic Violence/Sexual assault takes to complete?

This class is taking only 1h to complete.

Which days can I come in?

For those services, you can come from Monday to Friday at noon.

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