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License Renewals/Continued Education/Domestic Violence course

Any profession necessitating licensure from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) mandates Continuing Education (CE) in the respective discipline. It is crucial to emphasize that Continuing Education is not a suggestion but a mandatory requirement for the majority of licensed professionals in Illinois. This commitment to ongoing education provides workers with opportunities to acquire new skills and propel their careers forward.

Continuing education is essential for professionals across various fields to stay abreast of the latest advancements, skills, and emerging technologies relevant to their industries. It is a mandatory requirement in certain professions, including those regulated by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR). 

In order to comply with laws, maintain licensure or certification, and uphold membership in professional associations or licensing bodies, individuals must actively engage in continuing education. This ensures that professionals, such as cosmetologists and massage therapists, remain informed about evolving techniques, safety protocols, and industry best practices, thereby mitigating occupational hazards and fostering ongoing competence in their respective disciplines.

LYS School will work with you so you can get where you want to be in your career. 

Basic License category includes sexual assault awareness and sexual harassment prevention: $225

Teacher license category includes sexual assault awareness and sexual harassment prevention: $325

Hourly pricing: $20/credit hour for basic license, and $40/credit hour for teacher license

Domestic violence/Sexual assault only class: $50

Prices subject to change.


LYS School also provides Domestic Violence credits.


CE Basic


CE Teacher

  • Advanced product chemistry and chemical interaction;

  • Use of machines and implements;

  • Sanitary procedures;

  • Hazardous chemicals;

  • Exposure minimization;

  • Updated use of implements as they relate to applicable services under this Act;

  • Advanced knowledge of the anatomy of the skin, scalp, hair and/or nails;

  • Human relations/communication skills; and

  • Management and marketing.

  • CE basic

  • Teaching methodology;

  • Educational psychology;

  • Classroom management; or

  • Other teaching related courses.

LYS School understands that you may have other life commitments, so we offer a flexible schedule.

Monday to Friday at 12pm



Open enrollment: 

students can start/enroll at anytime!


Winter session: 

January 8th, 2024


Spring session: 

April 8th, 2024


Summer session: 

July 8th, 2024


Fall session: 

October 7th, 2024

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Need to Renew your license? We're here for that! Check our special FAQ page. 

We also provide Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Awarness Education in accordance to the State of Illinois.


Why Choosing LYS?

It's in our name! LYS stands for Launching Your Success and that's our main goal. We want to help you achieve your goals by providing a safe space to learn, practice and refine your skills.

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